Just as maps tell us where we are in space, calendars tell us where we are on the wheel of time from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve. The simple system of 12 months, 7 days, and every day getting a number between 1 and 31 gives every day its due.

Post-it calendar designed by Studio 8 found at design related. Designers have been continually inspired by the calendar. Every year there are new and clever ways for keeping track of our 365 days.

Above is calendar tape–tear off a strip of time and stick it where you want it. Found for e.g. at apartment therapy. These images from here, in espanol

Everyone loves bubble wrap (becoming rare, I hear) and few can resist popping a bubble or two. This Bubble Wrap Calendar from PerpetualKid gives you 365 pops a year.

Scratch and win the day with this calendar design by Mr. Tom Design, via Walyou

Stockholm calendar by jollygoodfellow from design related (again) which does an annual round up of neat calendars.

Here’s a calendar made of pixels you can use as your desktop wallpaper, done by industrial designer Mac Funamizu and available on his site petite invention This he did for March 2008. You’ll find lots more there.

And when the day is done, why not shred it since what is done is done. This found at dvice. Designer is Susanna Hertrich

Good old Lego gives us a modular calendar, also found at dvice which does its own round up of cool calendars.

Yurko Gutsulyak’s match calendar via behance lets you go a step beyond shredding. You could light a birthday candle with the match that matches your birthday.

I got inspired to make a calendar of my own. Just for today, because May 4 is just a great day. Happy Birthday hb.