Baptistry doors in Florence, known as the Gates of Paradise, installed in 1450 or so, designed by Lorenzo Ghiberti. Gilded Bronze. These panels are copies–originals kept indoors under glass away from touristy hands. But second edition Gates of Paradise are still pretty swell.

An open door policy at this beautiful home by Mount Fuji Architects Studio in 2004, found here. It’s called the Plus house but seems to be to be minus everything but sheer beauty.

Glass door do not knock too hard please. M-House by Marc Koehler Architects 2005. I found it here.

A door to half of a formerly happy home?

An inviting, come-on-up entry to a contemporary house in Ireland (!) by ODOS Architects of Dublin. Located in Wicklow Hills just south of the city, a favoured place for walking and climbing. I found it here.

A door in Brussels, described as art nouveau found at a largely door focused blog here. Photo from a person named fonk.

Steel door from Forms + Surfaces found here. For the security conscious and those who like to check how they look just before they go out or in.

Above is a lovely door in my home town designed and made by good friend Christian Blyt. The door is surfaced in corelam™ which is corrugated wood made by a patented process he developed. Disclosure: for the last year or so, I’ve been helping Christian develop marketing materials for his admirable work.

A wall of doors in Seoul Korea. come in come in come in come in come in come in….Found at Neatorama photographed by Andrew Wirtanen.

And finally, for today, the entry to Prada Tokyo designed by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron. Leading to the the kind of earthly paradise we modern pilgrims favour. Step lively now.