It’s the colour of natural light, of chefs’ hats, of mimes’ gloves, and the beaches that cause people to quit their jobs. When white is brought inside, it seems to bring light with it, and maybe a chance to start fresh. Above is White Room by Janet Walker via BBC

A white bedroom seems perfect to me. Colours can keep you awake and patterns can drive you crazy. White is slumber friendly. Image from photographer Maura McEvoy via desire to inspire

It’s just a freshly painted floor, but nice eh. From door sixteen.

Outside, snow does jaw-dropping things to ordinary surfaces. This nice photo from a photo blog called democratic underground.

You don’t have to get cold to see white, lots of white. These white sands are in New Mexico in the White Sands National Monument.  Lovely photo by Richard Seaman who travels a lot.

Looking for images to round out this post, I came across a visual blog called erasing . It yielded the above photo, “delores street”, by J. John Priola.

This painting by Tokuro Sakamoto is also via erasing.