Dan Flavin (Marfa project), 1996 Chinati Foundation, Marfa Texas

Dan Flavin, "the diagonal of May 25, 1963" (to Constantin Brancusi)

Both of the above by Dan Flavin. Just enough light to make you swoon.
Top image from The Chinati Foundation in Marfa Texas. Lower from here.

London light, the garden of the Victoria and Albert Museum, winter 2006/2007. You could walk through and things would change. Apparently “A collaboration between design collective United Visual Artists (UVA) and Robert Del Naja (aka 3D) of Massive Attack and his long-term co-writer Neil Davidge (as part of their music production company, one point six)”, so there you go.

James Turrell is one of a kind and so is the experience of being in one of his coloured-light spaces. You owe it to yourself. Above blue room (Ganzfield) from an installation in England reported here and the green room image is from here.

But there can be good light without colour–this from back when the world was black and white, by American photographer Robert Adams found here. A major exhibition of his work is said to be coming to my town in September. I’ll keep an eye out.