Most of the photographs I take are not great–but sometimes parts of them look (to me) like something a lot better, namely more interesting, more satisfying. In the photos at the bottom of the page, I found some parts I liked. The result of my no-rules, follow-your-instincts cropping are shown in the next 8 images.

I guess the cropping I did removed the context, the obvious reason for the shot, the story. All that was left was some colour and some shapes that don’t quite add up to anything specific. Which is pretty much what I like to look at all the time.

You can try this at home. On your own. At night.

exit sign wedding 2008

exit sign wedding 2008

light and shadow on south window

disco ball wedding 2008

birthday flowers

shiny table cloth wedding

icicle january 2009

front garden summer 2009

crow mat for zoe and murray