Living in a Roy Lichtenstein room could never be disorderly.

But it could be dramatic.

Keith Haring drew dramatic images with simple lines on walls, floors, ceilings, and his own body.

The people who make colouring books are not usually well known. The above is a coloring book depicting scenes and activities in Aspen Colorado. Artwork done by three sisters; Pauli Hayes, Elli Hayes Ford, and Jess Bates while they were each in High School. Image from here.

Even less likely to be acknowledged are those who drew and still draw the images for instruction manuals. Picture above is from a 1922 booklet called Dancing Made Easy. Looks easy.

But even the simple drawings of instruction manuals have their admirers. Two perceptive design scholars from Holland, Piet Westendorp & Paul Mijksenaar produced a book on “the Art of Instructional Design” called OPEN HERE.