Pencils are inexpensive and expressive tools for marks on paper–or nice white walls, so I’ve found. Above image from Wikipedia.

Lots of people love them. The above are from Pencil Talk, one of many blogsites devoted to pencils and pens. And while these humble, wireless tools might seem to be disappearing from the workplace and the home, they are still there, somewhere. Because nothing else can do what a pencil can do, especially in the hand of someone who loves it and knows what to do with it.

Eero Saarinen sketch for an ice arena at Yale University.

Sol LeWitt colored pencil drawing: ”Wall Drawing #85”, June 1971,
The drawing is appearing in Sweden until June 6, 2010--reproduced on a wall, drawn by others according to his instructions.

Robert “Bob” McKimson, Sr. (American, 1910 – 1976), “Bugs Bunny as Little Red Riding Hood”, c. 1950

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, child in a chair, from here.

Giorgio Morandi, Still Life, 1958, pencil on paper from here.

500 coloured pencils, from Japan, can be shipped from here.